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“The performances were exciting and captivating to both young and old. I have heard only positive comments from those who attended.” Williamsburg (IA) Chamber of Commerce

“Your show certainly was the highlight to our weekend of festival activities. I hope we can hire you again next year." Livingston (WI) Festival

“You make it very easy to recommend your program for anyone seeking to have a good time.” Exide Corporation

“Your performance definitely exceeded our expectations! It was interesting and extremely humorous.” Appleton Papers

"It was obvious that your shows were truly enjoyed by the audience from the many fine comments we received and from the fact that many people came back the second and third time. Your show ranks an excellent plus with the Vernon County Agricultural Society Board." Vernon Co. Agricultural Society

“The way you involve the audience truly adds that special flavor of fun. (Your show) would make an excellent addition to any fair, festival, or celebration.” Mercer County (MO) Fair

“This summer we brought back the best acts of 20 years and Mark Nilsen’s show is truly one of the best!” Pine-Aire Resort, Eagle River (WI)

“Your performance … proved to be a real crowd pleaser. Your talent for including the audience in your performance was especially welcome and resulted in the positive responses we receive.” North Freedom (WI) Civic Improvement Committee

“I sure liked it. Thank you.” Jon (age 6) Iowa City IA

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