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Hi! I'm Mark Nilsen.

Thank you for your interest in bringing the J. Phineas Flusterbeck Medicine Show to your event! Keep reading to learn how you can save 10% on your 2016 event by pre-booking before December 30, 2015!

Even without the special offer, this show is the right choice.
Here's why you should take advantage of my price of only $945* (or less) for 3 daily shows. If you have a smaller event, single performance pricing is available.


The J. Phineas Flusterbeck Medicine Show is a fun, professional program ... a clean, family show that uses plenty of audience participation that everyone enjoys! I've been performing in the Midwest for over 15 years, including as the title character in the highly entertaining J. Phineas Flusterbeck Medicine Show. It's very likely that you have already seen one of my shows, or perhaps called some of the many references I provide.

I will provide you with a complete show! Your job is difficult enough; I want to make sure that you have no entertainment worries!


While the Magic Medicine Show is an ideal stage show, it is also the perfect grounds act! Professor Flusterbeck will travel your grounds, stopping to mingle with guests and present impromptu performances of magic, laughs and (of course) his comic pitch for the fabled Blue Root Elixir!

Ask yourself -- "Why rely on people going to a stage or performance area when Flusterbeck can bring the show to them?!"

You'll get it all three times a day! It's all included in the extremely reasonable daily rate of $945! I want the chance to prove to you that the Medicine Show will deliver everything you want .. and more! But I can't do that if I'm not able to talk to you!

So if you even SUSPECT the Medicine Show might be a fun addition to your event next year, I urge you to call today at 262-549-9342. Get all the information you need to make a confident decision. I'll answer every single one of your questions. Then if it sounds good to you and your committee, sign an agreement with me and enjoy the savings (and enjoy the relief of having one item on your "To-Do List" crossed off already!)


Mark Nilsen 262-549-9342

P.S. Consider everything you'll get, and I think you'll agree this is a bargain that's hard to pass up! A great family show that can be performed on your stage or with no stage at all ... and with NO ADDITIONAL EXPENSES for you to pay ... all for just $855* per day!

* Confirm your date before December 30, 2013 and get this show for just $945 ... that's a whopping 10% off regular $1,050 daily rates!! Single-performance rates are available, and you can get additional savings for multiple-day bookings! Call 292-549-9342 to find out just how much you can save!

Call now with questions or to book your date!
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