Good to see you, friends!
(Take a step closer, folks,
so those behind can see and hear)

The best way to get an idea of
how much audiences enjoy this show
is to watch the video
(it's only a minute long!)

Welcome ... and prepare to see what only
J. Phineas Flusterbeck (that's me!)
has just for you!"
Take a step back in time and experience the fun
of an "olde-tyme" medicine show starring
Professor J. Phineas Flusterbeck!

What's the J. Phineas Flusterbeck
Magic Medicine Show all about?

It's a fun and exciting family show reminiscent of the "good old days." Watch as I, Professor J. Phineas Flusterbeck, present a fast-paced, lively show filled with magic and laughs! Your guests will watch in delight as each show ends with a hilarious, good-natured pitch for my one-of-a-kind Blue Root Elixir!

No Stage? No Problem!
The Magic Medicine Show
is completely self-contained!

The Magic Medicine Show is an ideal stage show,
and the perfect grounds act!

Professor Flusterbeck has a custom pushcart! I will travel your grounds, stopping to mingle with guests and present impromptu performances of magic, laughs and (of course) a comic pitch for the fabled Blue Root Elixir! If you don't want to rely on people going to a stage or performance area, I can bring the show to them?!

Serving fairs, festivals, and special events
in the Midwest (and beyond!)
For more information,
or to book a perfomance date,
call now (262) 549-9342